Final chosen designs:

JFHFHFHFHFH double page spread

-These are my final chosen deigns. I feel that overall these two designs are my favourite and work the best together out of all my designs I have created. i think these two designs are creative and effective as they include the most information however this information is also shown through the imagery i have used. In both these deigns i was able to use all of my research and primary sources i had done in a aid to help me create these designs. when creating these design I feel that I have thought a lot about the key elements that i needed to use to create a good front cover and double page spread, these key elements were layout, composition, scale, size, colour and typography. i think i have used all these key elements in these two desings and thought about them when creating.


Double page spread 3rd design:


-This is my third double page spread design, this is my further developed design. For this design I wanted the photographs to be the main feature and the main imagery on the double page spread. However I decided to go for a different layout to my other design, for this design I cropped the images into a circle shape and used a larger scale photo in the middle, all of the photographs include my friends wearing this seasons best clothes, I used a layout so that the photo graphs looked as if they was a blog of different clothes. this also linked in with the title ‘fashion blog’ I feel that the title and images work well together and also relate to each other. I have scaled the images so that in the middle of the double page spread the main larger scale image goes over both pages then on each page is two smaller images. I used the most powerful image that I had taken for the main one. I then added text on each page however on the second double page spread there was more text included this was so that there wasn’t any empty space. I think the layout of this design looks effective and is less pact with images and text.


Double page spread design 2:

double page spread

-This is my second double page spread design which i created using Photoshop,  for this design I wanted to use a different layout, composition and effect. for this design I have used all of my own photograph’s which I have taken and uploaded onto my word press. I experimented with the composition, placing the photographs where I feel looks best. I also had to think about size and scale of the images as I wanted them to be clear. I have placed some of the photographs over lapping overs, I feel this shows that the images carry onto the double page spread and the article includes information about the images included. Not only have I included images of clothes, jewerly I have also included makeup I feel included all the different images allows the reader to know straight away what the article will be about just by looking the images. I like this design more than my first design because I feel it all works well together, also I feel that by incluing imagery and illustrations adds a creative effect to the double page spread. also I feel this layout Is more interesting and eye cathy.


Double page spread design:

double paage spreaad page 1 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

-This is my first double page spread I have designed using photo shop. after researching illustrator’s I had created some of my own illustration’s and felt I could include these in my double page spread designs. for this design I chose to use my drawing of some runway models showing of the new seasons clothing. however I didn’t use any colour on these designs so they was plain and didn’t show much style in the clothes. so I decided to use the clone stamp tool in photo shop to clone the patterns of clothing from the photographs I had taken, this then gave all the models an individual look. I also decided to leave parts of the drawings as they was so that you could still see that it was an illustration. I feel this design worked well and the drawings look creative and unique. the composition I decided to go for was having the illustration’s going over both double page spreads I feel this looks as if they are on a run way modelling clothing ranges. I then used a  title for the double page spread of every day is a fashion show this links in with the illustrations and the magazine itself. The article runs over both sides of the double page spread I like this design as I feel it looks edgy and unique. also by including a real life pattern on the illustrtions it gives the reader an insight to the clothing range.

Front cover design:


– After creating my first front cover designs, I decided to develop these by further improving the design. For example I decided to work with a completely different layout as I felt that my first designs were simple and included minimal typography. So for these designs I used a different layout and composition. for my first design I used a photograph I had taken for the main image, which covers the whole front cover. I then used my type face which I had drawn out and scanned in, I also then used a colour overlay on the type face this made it bolder and clearer. I used a pink colour for the over as I felt this looked good against the pink used in the photograph.  I then included 4 different cover lines, these are eye catchy and draw the reader in, again I used the pink colour on the important parts of the typography so they stand out and make the reader want to read more. overall I feel this design works well and doesn’t include to much information that will confuse the reader.

I then moved on to create another design using the same layout, but changing the composition around. I started off by choosing a different photograph that I had taken I chose this photograph because I feel it looks summery and creative. I then decided to have the title of the magazine at the top of the page as I feel its the main thing the reader will see straight away also I chose a light blue colour as it fits In with the summery fashion theme, also I feel it stands out against the main image. I then chose to use the typography in white because it looks effective with the white flowers from the image. however I did include some of the typography in blue as they were important parts of the cover lines that need to stand out to the reader/audience. All of the cover lines link in with the magazine and the theme of fashion. this is good so that the audience know straight away what will be included inside the magazine and they get a insight to articles and tips.


Front cover design:

IMG_3746hhhh IMG_3595hhhjjj

These are my second front cover designs. I decided to use the technique I had experimented with before from the artist Vincente Reinamontes, however this time I have used my own photographs which I have taken that will be included in my fashion magazine. The layout I was going for was simple and minimal typography included, I feel this works well as the name I have chosen for my fashion magazine is ‘Fashionista’ I feel this is catchy and recognisable. I also chose a drawing of a lily flower  as I am going to include this summers new style. I think the imagery works well together as you can still see the photograph and the drawings are both clear. I tried this technique out on two different photographs to see which one works best, I feel that the first design works better as both the photograph and drawing are clear and bold. also I feel that using white for both the drawing a typography allows the image to still stand out. As on my other design I used yellow typography which works well againt the yellow clothing however I feel it is hard to see the detail in the drawing.

Front cover design:

magazine cover 1 font experiments

–   This is my first front cover design, for this design i was trying to keep it minimal so that the main focal point is the imagery. for the layout i decided to use the image of the models that i had already drawn, i then dupicated the image twice then made the images go from large to small so it looks as if they are on a run way. I then thought about colours, as i didnt want them all to be the same colour as i wanted the front image to stand out more. I chose a green and blue colour for the back images this was becuase they are popular summer colours for this season. I then used a photgraph that i had taken of a flowery top that i have, i then used the clone stamp tool in photoshop to copy the image pattern onto the outfits of the models. I feel this worked well and add colour and gives the drawing a real life edgey look. I also think it makes them stand out more and they pattern is bright, bold and eye catchy.

I then moved on to experiment with the name of my magazine and the typography that i feel is most suitable. I had orignaly created this typface and scanned it into the computer, i feel this typeface is classy and edgy. I also feel it works well against the imagery i have used. I tried out all different colours to see which one worked best i decded to go for the black as i wanted the logo of the magazine to be recognisable.

Experimenting with medias:

IMG_3561 IMG_3566

IMG_3569 IMG_3564

– I have been experimenting with medias, for example here I have used my make up to show on the drawings, I feel this works well and could link in with my fashion magazine. I could use these designs in my magazine as I could include article about make up and new released products. I think the make up works well against the simple drawing it also gives the reader an idea of how the product looks it is also a great way to advertise the product. when researching illustration artists I also come across Richard Kilroy who creates artwork using drawings and make up, his artwork is unique and eye catchy. I decided to use his technique of using the actual make up for colour on the image. after experimenting with this technique I feel it works well and I would use these designs in my magazine.

Primary sources:

hhfhdhddjddjdudjddjdk  Untitled-36777767

– I have been experimenting in Photoshop, I wanted to create a mixed media image that I can relate to my magazine. I firstly used my drawings that I had created to then combined with a photograph. I used photographs of Kate Moss in fashion items, if I was going to use this technique I will also take some of my own original photographs to them combined with the drawings. I then added a colour overlay over the drawings my first one I chose white as I felt it stood out against the dark clothing. on the second design I chose different shades of green as they are palm tree leaves I also feel this links in with this summers trends. my next step is to take some photograph’s of my own, I will photograph one of my friends wearing the trends for this summer, I will also consider backgrounds and composition.

img018 img015


– I then moved on to draw some flowers, palm tree leaves this idea come from the illustrator Vicente Reinamontes who mixes photographs with drawings. his work has a 3d look to it so it looks as if the drawings are coming off the page. I feel that I could use flowers as they are all different colours, texture ect.. and this links in with the fashion theme and the contrast between the drawing and the photograph is unique and creative.



Primary Sources: Drawings


img016 img017

– These are some sketches i have created, i decided to use my own primary sources as then i can develop these into my own designs and make sure they relate to my magazine theme which is fashion. After researching a vairty of fashion illustraions i decided to try out some of their techniques. when creating these drawings i was thinking more about the clothes they was wearing and the style, as these sessions fashion is patterns such as floral and tropical i incorpriated this in these designs.